|    Apr 2020

The FAST reactor concept successfully showcased as add-on

In a joint development effort to accelerate bio-based fermentative processes DAB and the Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF) successfully operated the innovative FAST reactor concept as an add-on device to one of BPF’s conventional fermentation reactors.

During the run a 1000 litre fermentor was coupled to DAB’s FAST100 reactor where product was extracted. In previous runs DAB’s FAST100 reactor had already proven itself as an integrated fermentation separation reactor. By coupling the FAST100 to a 1000 litre reactor the high separation capacity for large fermentation volumes was demonstrated.
Successfully operating the FAST100 as an add-on to a 1000 litre reactor also showed the possibility of using the FAST reactor concept as a continuous separation device within existing fermentation processes. Using the FAST concept as an add-on, fermentation processes can move from batch to continuous production, while lowering downstream processing costs.

Over the last three years the BPF and DAB showcased the possibility of scaling up the FAST reactor concept, initially developed by the TU Delft. The add-on experiment was the end of a series of runs. Since 2017 DAB, together with the BPF, successfully completed several pilot runs with varying species, conditions, mode of operations and products.

The BPF has enabled DAB to test the FAST reactor concept in an industrial setting. When testing a novel prototype reactor not only the hardware is necessary, but also a safe and skilled test facility with 24/5 shifts are much needed. By working together with the BPF, DAB had the possibility to test the FAST reactor concept in an industrial setting with experienced and skilled process operators. This allowed DAB to run the FAST100 for longer periods of time, knowing the FAST100 was in capable hands.

With the FAST100 as a proven concept at pilot scale, both as a stand-alone unit and as an addition to existing hardware, DAB now is moving to the next phase in development. Currently the DAB team is working on scaling up the FAST reactor concept towards demonstration scale. DAB is continuously looking for partners both on strain development, as well as production.

This project was funded with a subsidy from the ‘Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Nationale regelingen EZ-subsidies, Topsector Energie uitgevoerd door Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland’ in cooperation with the BE-Basic Foundation.

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