Fermentation is a key conversion in the biobased economy

DAB specializes in the acceleration of fermentation

The bio-based industry needs to become cost effective

Society is demanding bio-based alternatives from renewable feedstock as a replacement to products derived from fossil or scarce natural resources. Advances in biotechnology have allowed for the production of thousands of sustainable chemicals, materials, and fuels. 


The market demands that these alternatives be price competitive, but producing cost effectively at scale using fermentation processes is a challenge.  DAB helps clients to achieve cost effective production through fermentation process optimization.


New feedstocks
Smart biology
Market demand
Optimized fermentation

The challenges of fermentation

Fermentation offers the capability to produce unique molecules in a single step where chemical conversion would be too complex. Although promising, fermentation has its own challenges: low productivity, low product concentration, product inhibition, and high capital investment costs.

To make production via fermentation economically viable at scale requires more than optimized biology or individually efficient process steps. Smart integration of fermentation with separation decreases additionally operation costs up to 50%. DAB delivers integrated process solutions which are simple, robust and scalable.

DAB offers FAST to boost fermentation based production

Our first product is a proprietary bioreactor technology, called ‘FAST’, Fermentation Accelerated by Separation Technology.

The FAST enables cost effective production for fermentations with an overlay or multiple phases, e.g. fermentations with a water insoluble product. The system is robust, scalable and is flexible to all modes of fermentation.

The FAST can be delivered at different scales and deployed flexibly.


✓ Reduces the effect of toxicity

✓ Increases the productivity

✓ Reduces issues with product-water separation

✓ Decrease the cost of separation

Products we work well with include:

  • C5+ Alcohols
  • C4+ Aldehydes
  • C5+ Esters
  • C5+ Ketones
  • C5- 10 Fatty Acids
  • Lactones
  • Aromatics
  • Monoterpenes
  • Sesquiterpenes

Making the biggest difference

DAB value comes from optimizing processes using our knowledge in bioreactor design and operations. The FAST technology works for all types of feedstock, whether is sugar (1st or 2nd generation), gas or other types of feedstock.

Our main focus is what is inside our technology – the client’s micro-organism. We have experience with various organisms, such as yeast, bacteria, and algae that produce specialty chemicals, flavor and fragrances, and commodity chemicals/fuels.

Think you have an organism that would benefit from our technology?


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