|    Oct 2020

DAB achieves important productivity milestone

DAB has demonstrated continuous removal of toxicity in fermentation processes through its unique FAST platform. This demonstration of one of the most distinctive benefits of the platform heralds a break-through technical milestone towards commercialisation.

During the summer of 2020 DAB successfully demonstrated increased fermentation productivity through the continuous removal of a toxic product during the fermentation. For many fermentation-derived products, their toxicity leads to low titres and low productivity. The resulting effect on cost-price is one of the main barriers to large-scale adoption of bio-based products.

In collaboration with Wageningen Food and Biobased Research (WFBR) and Biocleave, DAB has demonstrated the impact of its FAST technology on this industrial problem. During this showcase run, DAB applied its FAST reactor to a commercial butanol fermentation and successfully removed the effects of toxicity on the fermentation, enabling the productivity to be increased substantially.

DAB and WFBR are currently preparing a second campaign with supporting tests over the Autumn period, with the intention to release the full showcase by end of 2020.

With this important milestone, DAB is very well positioned for the next stage of commercialisation and scale-up in 2021 of the FAST technology. DAB is continuously looking for partners that are keen to substantially lower the cost price of bio-based molecules for the bulk chemical or specialty chemicals markets. Owners of suitable strains for conversion of sustainable feedstocks into bioproducts can use DAB’s proprietary cutting-edge FAST technology to boost product profitability, and adapt and optimise strains to use FAST’s full potential. If you would like to hear more about these results or about potential partnerships reach out to the following people.


Contact DAB:

Kirsten Steinbusch –  steinbusch@dab.bio

Eric van der Meer – vandermeer@dab.bio

Contact WFBR:

Ana M. Lopez-Contreras – ana.lopez-contreras@wur.nl


This project is being carried out with a subsidy from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, as part of the tender DEI+ Circular Economy, carried out by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.