|    May 2019

DAB will be attending Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology 2019 conference

From May 13th till 14th, 2019 DAB will be attending the Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology (CIB) conference, taking place in Los Angeles USA.

CIB 2019 is an interactive event where industrial biotechnology leaders will share their experiences and their views on current challenges in the sector. The theme of the 2019 conference is ‘the global impact of industrial biotechnology’ and will explore the ways in which biotechnology is growing into new global markets.

Many of these new processes utilize fermentation as the primary production route – such as the production of many of the new flavour and fragrance compounds. DAB has developed a robust, patented, bioreactor technology that overcomes many of the pitfalls of industrial fermentation through the combination of fermentation and separation into a single vessel, enabling in-situ product recovery without any moving parts or membranes.

DAB looks forward to meeting with current and future partners at CIB 2019. The team is also visiting partners in San Francisco whilst on the west coast.  If you are interested in hearing more about DABs technology and how we could help accelerate your fermentation reach out to one of our team below.

Kirsten Steinbusch – CEO – steinbusch@dab.bio

Jan Willem Klerkx – CCO – klerkx@dab.bio

More information on the CIB 2019 can be found here.