|    Jan 2021

DAB welcomes new CEO

The shareholders of Delft Advanced Biorenewables B.V. (“DAB”) are pleased to announce the appointment of Eric van der Meer as CEO with immediate effect.

DAB is a bio-technology company that was spun out from Delft University of Technology. It is a leading expert in Separation Technology of oil-based fermentation. Its unique and patented FAST technology (Fermentation Accelerated by Separation Technology) enables continuous fermentation to offer unit cost reductions of 30% or more. By continuously removing product or inhibitors from the fermentation process, FAST extends the run time and increases unit production. FAST has become one the most significant fermentation innovations of the past decade. This technology can easily be implemented in new and existing installations, allowing for rapid deployment.

Eric van der Meer brings a wealth of experience to DAB. After obtaining an MSc in Bioprocess Technology from Delft University in Technology, he worked in a variety of roles with Royal Dutch Shell which included New Market Entries in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia. Eric then was appointed CEO of Airborne Oil & Gas, a composite technology manufacturer, where he presided over rapid growth of the company. Before joining DAB, Eric developed a large vegetable greenhouse business in China, and expanded his private investment portfolio.

Riemer Smink, Partner at FORWARD.one, states:

“We are very pleased to have retained Eric to lead DAB to the next growth phase. DAB holds unique technology, in a field that is crucially important to transition the chemicals industry from fossil-based to bio-based. We are confident that Eric will drive DAB to reach its full potential.”

Celine van der Ven, Senior Investment Manager at Innovation Quarter, adds:

“The Netherlands, with its world class universities and companies, is well placed to become one of the largest actors in the global bio-based economy. DAB is an enabler for the bio-based transition. We are also delighted that company founder Kirsten Steinbusch will assume the role of CTO and wish to thank her for bringing DAB to its current level.”

For more information please contact:  info@DAB.bio