|    Feb 2021

DAB raises funding for expansion

DAB, the leading expert in separation technology of oil-based fermentation, is pleased to announce it has raised a considerable amount of  funding. The funding allows DAB to invest in its first FAST demonstration bioreactor, and further develop its technology and product pipeline. The new FAST unit will be placed at a reputable Contract Research and Manufacturing Organisation (CMO), where it will be coupled with a ~10 m3 conventional fermenter, to multiply the fermenter’s production capacity. The system will serve to run demonstrations, produce initial samples and run commercial production of high value compounds.

The FAST technology reduces product costs with 20-50+% and promises to enable commercial production of many bio-based compounds, replacing their fossil-based equivalents. With this investment, the development of the FAST technology has reached an important milestone – readiness for small-scale commercial productions – and is ready for wide-scale deployment. DAB is working with a range of partners to develop a pipeline of demonstration and commercial runs.

The funding, at undisclosed terms, is provided by DAB’s existing shareholders.

For more information please contact: info@DAB.bio