Building the bio-based economy

We are bioprocess engineers with a vision developed in Delft

‘Begin with the end in mind’

Sef Heijnen


The reverse effects on our climate due to the use of fossil-based carbon chemicals and fuels drive the demand for sustainable alternatives higher every year.

Sustainable technologies are currently revolutionizing many sectors, such as renewable energy and electric vehicles.

The future of the remaining industries is in bio-based alternatives.

It was apparent to our founders that for the bio-based economy to be effective, it has to be efficient and cost-effective at large scale. That is where the mantra of our company comes from – ‘begin with the end in mind’.

The application of this idea to production via industrial fermentation, a method often plagued with low productivities and high costs, yielded our technology.

Our history

DAB was established in 2012 in Delft with technology developed for the industrial biotechnology market at Delft University of Technology.

Since then we have grown into a multidisciplinary team. Our office lab and pilot facilities are still based in Delft, the Netherlands at Biotech Campus Delft and next door at the Bio Process Facility (BPF). Our demonstration facility is now located at Biobased Europe Pilot Plant, in Ghent, Belgium.

Delft is 15km away from Rotterdam and 30 minutes via train from Schiphol Airport.

Driven by experienced leaders, guided by industry experts, and supported by a skilled team.


Eric van der Meer

Eric joined DAB towards the end of 2020. He makes sure DAB grows and performs as well as possible. After obtaining his MSc in bio-process technology from Delft University of Technology Eric joined Royal Dutch Shell where he worked in a variety of roles, with a large exposure to the developing markets in Asia. He then became CEO of Airborne Oil & Gas, a high-tech composite manufacturer. Eric pursues a number of private investments, in a variety of fields. For one of these, he developed and implemented a partnership for a very large vegetable greenhouse complex in China.

Kirsten Herben-Steinbusch

Kirsten is responsible for the overall performance of DAB, it’s business strategy and execution. She holds a PhD in Environmental Biotechnology from Wageningen University. Based on her PhD work she co-founded Waste2Chemical, now called Chaincraft, where she was Managing Director till 2013. Since 2014, she joined DAB as CEO and spun out the second biotech start-up from Delft University of Technology. She has 10 years’ experience as Managing Director in commercializing biotechnology solutions into various markets.

Arjan Oudshoorn
Principal Scientist

Arjan is responsible for technology and process development of DAB. He holds both a MSc and PHD in bioprocess engineering from Delft University of Technology. His research focused on the in-situ product removal and separation of products from fermentation, the root of DABs technology. Previous to DAB he developed novel technologies in two other technology development companies; Chaincraft and BiAqua.


Luuk van der Wielen
Co-founder and Scientific Advisor

Prof. Luuk van der Wielen is distinguished Professor for Biobased Economy at the Department of Biotechnology of TU Delft. Since 2004 he has been the director of BE-Basic, the globally operating private-public research organization for Biobased Sustainable Industrial Chemistry & Energy. This consortium, with 40 academic and industrial partners, is based in The Netherlands with hubs in Southeast Asia and Brazil, and with a cumulative budget exceeding €250 million. Since 2017 he has also been Director of the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick in Ireland, a €100+ million institute which houses more than 430 researches who work across advanced materials, manufacturing and process engineering and fluid dynamics.

Sef Heijnen
Co-founder and Scientific Advisor

Em. Prof. Sef Heijnen has 15 years of experience working in fermentation industry (1973 – 1988) and since 1988 has been full professor and group leader of Cell Systems Engineering at the Department of Biotechnology at TU Delft. He has supervised more than 50 PhD thesises and has published over 300 papers (h ≈ 60). His research is focused on metabolic engineering and systems biology for application in industrial microbial processes. He is member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and advisor to DSM, Amyris, Genomatica, Lucite and Corbion.

Marc Lankveld
Business Advisor

Marc is VP Biobased Innovation at Corbion and Member of the Supervisory Board at Bioprocess Pilot Facility B.V. Previously he was owner and CEO in BIRD Engineering, a biotech company that was acquired by Corbion in 2013. From 2001-2008 Marc held various sales and senior project management positions at Sogeti, Accenture, and DSM, and from 1995 -2001 he held various technical/business roles at Cebeco-Handelsraad. Marc has a longstanding experience in negotiations and deal making with partners, customers and venture capital.

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