|    Dec 2021

Fermentation science expanded with Mibiton funding

DAB.bio, the leading expert in oil-based separation technology, expanded its fermentation capacity with recently granted Mibiton investment funds. Mibiton, who invests in innovative, promising small companies, granted DAB.bio €300,000 to purchase additional lab-scale support and fermentation equipment. “By expanding the fermentation lab, we can accelerate our clients’ process development and maintain a pipeline of diverse strains that demonstrate the cost-savings of our FAST technology at pilot and demo-scale. Improving the economics of our clients’ bio-products will facilitate the transition to a sustainable tomorrow,” said Fermentation Scientist Alessandro Brewster.

About DAB: Delft Advanced Biorenewables (DAB.bio) is a platform technology company that drives cost-effective, scalable and more sustainable biomanufacturing. DAB.bio is partnering with clients to accelerate the production of bio-based chemicals and ingredients with its proprietary bioreactor, Fermentation Accelerated by Separation Technology (FAST). FAST empowers robust and flexible fermentation from lab scale to commercial scale. DAB.bio is a venture-backed company, with global operations, headquartered in Delft, Netherlands.

About Mibiton  Investments: The Mibiton foundation invests in Life Sciences facilities and equipment enabling Dutch SMEs to accelerate and enhance their commercial activities. Examples of investments include analytical equipment, first series of medical devices, clean rooms, and agro-food production facilities. Investments are generally provided as financial lease constructions.

DAB.bio Partnership Inquiries: Contact Kirsten Steinbusch (CTO) at info@dab.bio

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